We believe that prayer changes everything. When someone is struggling to make ends meet it is nice to know you have someone that will agree in prayer and believe with you that things are going to change.


It would surprise you to know that our  outreach serves over 100 families every month with clothing items for the entire house hold at no charge. 


“A young teenage girl heard that we give away clothes. So she and her friend rode their bikes from the other side of town barefoot hoping to get a pair of shoes. Unfortunately we did not have her size so one of our volunteers removed their shoes and gave them to her. These Acts of Kindness leave lasting impressions that will never be forgotten.”


Every Month we Join efforts with the Legacy Church Members to Feed a Dinner to anyone who would like to come and join us.


Something that we have noticed is that people are in need of necessities. These are items that you can’t buy with a State Issued Food card. Everyone who receives assistance from our necessity pantry is so appreciative. Especially single moms with small children.

Welcome to Our Page

Our purpose at the Bridge Community Outreach Center is to build a bridge of Hope through Prayer, Act’s of Kindness, Providing Necessities and Clothing, Feeding the Hungry & providing advice and resources to defeat poverty.

Everything that come into the Bridge by way of donation is passed directly to the community free of charge. It is our goal to be a place that anyone who is in need can find help.


Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved. You can sign up to be a volunteer, donate clothing or necessity items, you can contribute monthly donations, pray for cause and community, participate in our fundraisers, anything you do will help us fulfill our commitment to our community.

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